Tuesday, 22 October 2013

More Berlin

Says it all...from the street in Berlin

From the Royal College of Art in London

I looked at the book The Farm by Jackie Nickerson, I loved it, everyone did. At the time I was going to flea markets in London quite alot while I was studying at the Royal so I realised I had to incorporate this into my concept as it was at the core of what I was interested at the time.

Older collection of menswear using recycled elements

Customised shoes

customised shoes that I made for a project

Monday, 21 October 2013

Hardwax records in Kreuzberg Berlin

A record shop in Berlin that I went to in the summer. Its beside the canal in Kreuzberg, really hidden, you go through an arch and then see the door way and all the way up the stairs is totally graffiti all over every surface possible....it adds to the flavour. Berlin was full of graffiti, it does not always look good or fit but in this setting leading to the very cool Hardwax vinyls it really fitted the experience well.